Strangers – stalking – stealthily – somberly – swiftly

Strangely and awkwardly – to me at least – smiling

Waving my way – arms out – but cumbersome me

     Awkward – unknowing – “Who are you – what

     Foreign space or time brought you?”


Quickly – change the lenses – filter the light

May I dance back to back – now that’s not so bad –

     But I cannot see your face

     Look into your soul

     Catch a glimpse of the “Light” within.

If He makes his home within your soul why – how can I

     Reverse the course of knowing and being known?

     I cannot see Him clearly if strangers – foreign

     Not before known – heard or seen –

     Never play in my yard or I in theirs or

    Walk the path together.


So I turn and look and dance and move

     Fear takes flight

     Faces become full of knowing and being known

     Strength steps forth and spins the reckless steps of

     Blind – trusting movement dancing the May pole

Celebrating and calling out the song of the Dove.

Toni LaCentra