I leaned into the rain.  It was an epic Texan downpour, the kind of sudden, intense rain the old folks call a gully-washer because it could turn Austin’s creeks into floodwaters in the blink of an eye.  I was on foot, soaked to the skin, no coat, a mile and a half from home… How had I gotten myself into this predicament?


Just then a battered pickup truck pulled over to the curb and I turned to see three Latino men dressed as laborers sitting in the cab.  The truck door flew open and one of the men came towards me at a run.  What was happening? He thrust his hand towards me and wordlessly handed me an umbrella.


In that moment of surprise, I made a little bow of thanks.  He nodded, jumped back in the truck, and was gone.


Over the years, I have forgotten many things, things you would think I could remember.  But I have never forgotten that moment or that man.  Yes, it is more blessed to give than to receive.  But how many times do we give when it costs us nothing, give from a place of plenty, give what we don’t really want or need? This man gave his umbrella to a stranger in the middle of gully-washer, and it was raining on him, too. 
— KD Burnett