On the threshold of the Universe,

at the cliff-edge

where the impossible becomes



And with it, fear:

why me, at this time,

–and her?


Standing at a crossroads

of galaxies

of light years

of lifetimes

of synchronicity

of coincidence

of circumstance

of attachment

of existence

–and not.


And not.



Turning slowly against gravity,

heart in throat,

I accompany this one back

to reclaim a home among stars.


Back, through fear:

What was real?

Will I remember?

Will I not remember?

Will I ever be my whole self again?


I go as far as my weary body can.

My heart goes farther


and still.


Tears pass,

years pass.


And I come to know

this one who is of me

is with me

and I her

–and still.


I smile and tell her:

I love you so.


In the close stillness

of reply

there is God.


And so,


And still.

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