For years I had been questing, endlessly searching—is there a God? I tried reading books on the different ways to call God (Creator, Higher Power, Divine, Universal Energy).  I attended Native American ceremonies.  I walked in nature where I found incredible peace.  I read Peace Pilgrim’s “Steps Toward Inner Peace”.  I attended Jewish ceremonies and Christian churches.  I even tried praying.  I believed I saw God’s light in my baby son, but I wasn’t sure. It felt like the more I searched the more confused I got. So where is this God?


One mundane day when I was cooking, I was playing Joan Baez, a musician I dearly love. She sang the now-famous civil rights song, “Oh Freedom, Oh Freedom, Oh Freedom over me. Before I’d be a slave, I’ll be buried in my grave, and go home to my Lord and be free.”  Her piercing voice sparked a light, a voice inside of me.  Before I knew what happened my heart was so full I thought it would burst.  My body throbbed with the overwhelming joy I felt.  Unable to contain myself, I threw open the doors, ran outside and was singing the song at the top of my lungs, along with Joan.


Who knows why I finally found God in this way, but that is how God chose to come to me.   As far as the slave part, I had felt like a slave in my head, limited by my own perceptions.  I instantly found God in that split second and I have never looked back.

Kristine Kiser