My angel led me to WHF in 1994.


One day I was led to try to try attending church again after a five-year abstinence.  Since I did not drive, I walked to the closest church up the street.  The people were so nice, and we met after for fellowship, coffee and chocolate cake.  Chocolate cake! Being that I am a true chocoholic, that surely was a sign I should go there. 


On the way out, there were two nice elderly ladies at the door handing out a paper.  I read it while walking home.  It was a list of what and whom I should vote for in the coming election.  I could not believe they would do that and did not agree with most of it.  


My neighbor Barbara lived across the street with her young son.  When I got home, Barbara was outside having a tag sale as usual to pay her monthly rent. So I stopped to let her know my disappointment with the church.  We agreed they were wrong in what they did.


Barbara said she’d heard of a Quaker church in the neighborhood and maybe we could go there next week.  I said “QUAKER?”  She said yes, and going to a Quaker church would help to keep her young son out of wars.  I said, “I hear they are tolerant people, but would they actually put up with us?”


Together, we gave it a try, and we liked it, but no chocolate cake.  On the way home, I read the bulletin, and it said on the back that women were invited to Helen’s for a Christmas get-together. Well, we looked at each other and burst out laughing.  Us?  At a church women’s do?  What a hoot!  Then I read there would be food.  As we were both poor, we decided to go for the free food.  


We had a nice time at the get-together, and after that I attended women’s group every time it was available.  WHF and the women’s group saved my life.  They were the only places I could find peace in my very sad and chaotic life.  I learned to walk and talk with Jesus again.  I became a member until I moved to Massachusetts ten years later.  


Barbara attended WHF a couple of times and then moved away, and we lost contact.  I know she was my angel placed to lead me to WHF, a wonderful place with loving people, and she did a perfect job.  I was also led back to Jesus, and occasionally we had chocolate cake.

—Maryellen Marino