For me, a sacred space is usually a quiet place. It is any space where I stop what I am doing to listen or talk with God. There was a sacred space for me, a very long time ago when I was still single. It was a quiet beach in Marin county in California. In fact, I was alone. It was a wonderfully safe place where I was able to freely, angrily yell openly at God. Now, I don’t even remember my reason for being so angry and it is unimportant. What is important is that that beach was such a beautiful, safe sacred space. There was another safe, sacred space in southwest Portland down in a wooded (tiny) valley with a creek in Woods Park near Capitol Highway and Taylor’s Ferry. I would go there in a confused state, sit on a log in the creek – and, just ‘be’. I felt so close to God there. The list of places could go on. . . When I am in a Sacred Space, I feel I am in a church. 
— Barbara Reynolds