One hot summer day about five years ago, I found my sister deceased in her apartment.  I felt that her Spirit had definitely departed. Thankfully, she was with God, but it broke my heart at the time. Although 12 years apart, we were close as our mother suffered from severe bouts of depression. She took care of me.


Three years of difficult probate followed to get her affairs in order.  Now, I’m glad my memories are focused on the good times we had together and how much we loved each other. I am still deeply moved to tears by her poetry which touches my Spirit with the knowledge that she lives on. I would like to share some of her poetry with you in loving memory  


Nigh’s Song:  Nightingales 

Nightingales, little birds who sing at night…and here am I, in this remote forest at the foot of the Cascades. And I sing for Him, songs from my heart at night…always at night.


The moon, the stars, and deep silence are my companions and I warble upon the bough of remoteness by the river in this great forest…but I am never really alone. He is always near, and when I finish one song, He sings to me in silence, and another song is given…always songs of love, sometimes joyous and delightful, sometimes of sadness and suffering, but always songs of love.


So these songs are my poems and I offer them to you with a surrendered and loving heart.


Beyond Illusion

Sometimes I look at all the people and countries, planets, galaxies and universes, expanding and contracting…birthing and dying. And it seems I am a no – thing – just a tiny moth in darkness madly searching for the light.


And sometimes strange synchronicities happen…too many…unbelievable! Then I know

my reality is only a flimsy painted curtain. Oh, to find a hidden corner of this divisive veil; look behind it and see Who or What is turning all the wheels.


The Unveiling

 One, by one, by one, a light begins to bloom softly in the darkness. With each veil tossed back into the night,


It grows, and grows, and grows… then breaks forth in brilliant splendor… until she is revealed in all innocence – a glorious and enchanting beauty…My radiant essence… This divine flame… My true self…


A Thousand White Doves

 A thousand white doves flew into my heart… Shattering it all asunder… Brilliant white light… Terrible piercing tenderness… Thousands of pure white wings… Fluttering… fluttering,..  fluttering.



 …and in your life, let my remembrance linger as something not to trouble or disturb it, but to complete it – adding life to life…and if at times, beside your evening fire, you see my face among the other faces…let it not be regarded as a ghost that haunts your house, but as a guest that loves you.


Windows of Perception

Oh, fly with God, wild bright spirit! Bird of my heart, fly, fly with God!

 —Margie Simmons

[Poetry by Galya, “Nigh” Gunderson 1933-2008]