Recognition of sacred space depends on my ability to see it:  to be open to it, aware of it, and be present with it.  Yes, I can name the ocean, the mountains, the many places where I have experienced the Sacred in nature, had a deep spiritual experience, or been with a person who radiated love.  When I remember those times I have been aware of sacred space, whether it be a physical place or an experience within me, it is clear to me that I was a part of what was sacred, that somehow all was gathered together, me included, and all was connected with the Divine which was clearly within, through, and surrounding all.  And I was a part of it.  


I have experienced this in three ways.  The first, an experience of nature like the day in the early Spring when I was out walking and suddenly everything was green, a deeply vibrating multitude of greens, all connected within Spirit, with God, extending throughout time, and I was walking in the air within the vibrations.  I was not the usual me and was absolutely connected through a sense of oneness with the Divine.  The second occurs during meditation when suddenly I am aware of a new dimension, new information, or a different angle on something so that a situation that previously was challenging is now totally clear.  A third occurs with other people when the connection between us becomes deep and powerful and the sense of God’s presence is strong.  I also remember in childhood when I was privileged to meet and stand right beside people who genuinely radiated love (Allan Hunter, Muriel Lester, and Kagawa) and in each case felt changed by their presence.  I remember feeling lit up within, full of love and awe, and then after we parted it slowly faded away.  Each person was deeply spiritual, an amazing leader of that time, and I was a very fortunate child.


An experience of the sacred either bursts in upon me or emerges from deep within worshipful silence.  It might be about space around me or space within me.  Experiencing sacred space depends on my being open to it and fully present with it.


At age 68 I am newly aware of my body as a miracle.  My body is a gift, to be carefully cared for and gratefully experienced, whether walking, hearing, tasting, or seeing.  These two eyes–how does an eye work?  How do two work together?  And how do they work with the brain, and connect to muscle and movement?  And I have an ear, a heart, a foot, a…..   How do they function?  How did they come to be?  And how did I come to be?  What is this life about?  And the mystery of love: flowing into us, passing through us, and outward to others.  I, my body, my life, and my soul:  they are sacred.  Sacred.   With awe and in wonder, I move through each day increasingly aware of the sacred around me and within.  It is everywhere.  How much can I be open?
— Pat M.