In 2009 I was part of a community – a ministry school.  One of the things that was set in the curriculum were days of reflection – times set apart for seeking the presence of God – creating sacred space. . . Some of my classmates went off to remote places…the forest, Mt. Shasta – the lake.  I chose to stay home in my “cell”.  The following offerings came out of the very quiet space of my own room and dialing down into the quiet of the sacred space within.
Smiling inside my heart
     Smiling at the peace
My pooch is sleeping in the quiet
     Of the sunshine
     I bathe in the warmth of the afternoon sun
     Listening to the Sons of Korah
And soaked in the warmth of God’s
 Peace in the ordinary rhythm of the day
Your glory spreads out like warm
     Melting butter
     Peace, quiet –
     Grace flow across the
     Pathway of infinite Presence
Eating chocolate pudding
     Again in the quiet of the ordinary
   Your glory permeates me – the ordinary acts of being me
I purposed to drink from this moment
     And the being me is good – sweet – satisfying
I purposed to seek You not closed off
     And closeted because it is in the
      call of the now –
      the mundane ordinariness of life
that I live and move and speak
To dance in the NOW, let my soul dance
Around with The Spirit’s invasion of my present moment
          In the presence that I crave
Draw me and I will run after You
     Run after You and your amazing liquid love NOW
I don’t live in a cell or upon high places
     Mine is an ordinary anchored to the earth place –
     I live in the open exposed
It is in the earth place I must see –
     Perceive – glimpse Your glory
— Toni LaCentra