I haven’t heard The Voice since early spring of 2000, more than eleven years ago.  That last time was just a whisper, just four words totaling five syllables:  “This is your story.”


I had come to anticipate that Voice every few months or years; now I wonder if it will ever come again. The earlier words were clarion calls or short conversa­tions that made God’s presence obvious and nearly palpable, leaving me steadied and com­forted.  The last one seemed to come from a distance, and there was only silence when I asked what the words meant.


While I don’t associate the Voice with the presence of God, which never leaves us, nevertheless I am left with a longing for what is gone, and left wondering what (if anything) it means.  Occa­sionally there is even the nag­ging worry that I have “done something wrong” and that if I could just change something The Voice will come again.


More likely I am now expected to yield to more subtle nudges of the Spirit for guidance.

But I don’t really know, and that is hard for me.

—Julie Peyton