In June of 2007 I saw a crow in the neighbor’s swimming pool (down the hill from us) that looked like it was trying to get out and couldn’t. Other crows were flying about. I ran down, put my hand under it, it sat on my hand, and I lifted it out. It was small and somewhat fuzzy so I think it was young. I lifted it by the “tummy” up to the pool-equipment roof. A small crow ruckus followed.


In 2009 I started working with images.  In my image world, I found an island to visit, where Jesus shows me things and sits with me. One night in July, lying in bed, I was too mad to go to the island. I was stuck next to a rock in the water nearby. A Raven swooped down and picked me up in her beak. She flew to the island and set me down in a quiet spot. Her black eyes sparkled and I could see iridescent rainbows in her black feathers.


This morning I put some pieces of stale bread on the deck railing. Tonight a crow landed on the deck and picked up a piece of bread. My wife Cynthia said, “One of your friends is here.”

Charles T.         

Crow with white feather by Charles T.