Today is Sunday, January 26th.  Before today, I didn’t expect to write anything for this chapter of Minding the Light.  I’d drawn a blank for this topic.  I’m not a musician, and while I like music very much, I’m not knowledgeable about past composers or present-day musicians or styles. I just enjoy it without knowing the style or the artist or group.  My experiences haven’t been much to relate, other than enjoyment—until today, in meeting, when we were singing.


My experience today was like none before.  As a group, we were singing “Deep Peace”, our voices blending and sounding beautiful with the harmonies, but I was experiencing much, much more. . .  I felt as if I were on the edge of a huge, celestial choir that was singing the same song, like the heart of the galaxy singing.  It was much louder and even more harmonious than our group alone. The clarity and sweetness resonated in an astoundingly beautiful way.  This ecstasy didn’t last long, but it brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with gratitude and love.


These paltry words can’t capture the experience, but it moved me to my core and filled me with awe.  The grandeur and beauty of that moment were a gift far beyond words.

Anne A