I suspect there are others of you who feel like I do.  Many times, when I’m in a large group of people, I feel very alone.  That may seem odd, but it’s true. I may be surrounded by people, often people I know, but I feel very small and practically invisible. I don’t really feel connected to anyone when I’m in a large group…but Minding the Light helps change that.


When my copy arrives in the mail I open it to see who has contributed this time, but then put it away for reading during my quiet, reflective time in the morning.


The next morning, when God and I have tea together, I start reading.  I like the feel of the paper in my hand. It feels like a part of me, and the words on the paper are held, creating more of a connection between the writer and me. I pace myself so that I get to enjoy it longer. I slowly read the first two gifts, two per day, for they are indeed gifts from the people who’ve written. These are gifts of themselves, glimpses into who they are and what’s contributed to their very beings.


When I read these gifts, I feel very connected to the people who’ve written. I hold their gift in my heart and when finished, say a prayer of thanks for them and for each writer’s life. I often say to myself, “Wow! I’ve got to let them know how much this moves me”, but then usually my day gets in the way and I forget to send an email.


But when I attend our Meeting and see the people who’ve written, I feel a special connection to each person who has shared his or her gift…an invisible, gossamer thread of connection. I’ve thought of Peg’s coming to know God at 10 years old, of Mica’s longing for God’s presence, Greg’s beautiful experiences in nature, KD’s experience when a stranger unexpectedly handed her an umbrella during a Texas downpour, Margie’s experiences in Haiti, God’s joke to Mike upon finding empty clams, Carol’s poems, Thea’s pancake surprise, Annie’s love for a little girl from Korea…the list goes on and on…Sally, Wilbur, Pat, Anne Marie, Jill, Derek, Adam, Sarah, Ryan, Mari Kay…more than I can name. Each person is treasured in my heart and thanked for sharing his or her gift.


So this is a thank you…both to the many contributors and to the marvelous group of people who make this happen. Thank you not only for the gift of Minding the Light and all it contains, but also for making possible a spiritual/emotional connection…a web of shimmering gossamer strands…that establish a sweet connection between the writers and me, one of just many readers blessed by their reflections and stories.

—Anne A