Young Friend’s Story


A few years ago, my sister, my mom, my cat and I were driving back from my grandparents’ house in the country. They live about an hour away from our house in the city. Right before we left, in the late afternoon, it started to snow.


As we drove, the weather got worse and worse. The snow was falling harder and the roads were covered with ice. We were all nervous in the car and my mom was driving really carefully and slowly.


We finally got to an intersection of a road that would take us up to the freeway. We sat in the car in the same place for a long time. None of the cars around us were moving. We couldn’t go anywhere! Then we heard on the radio that the freeway where we were was closed and the hill on the way back to my grandparents’ house was also closed. My mom didn’t know what to do — we were stuck between cars. We had been sitting there for an hour already.


I whispered a prayer to God that we would be able to turn around and go back. Right after I prayed, the car in front of us moved forward a little bit so there was enough room and a tiny bit of time for my mom to turn our car around. We were really happy and excited that we could finally go. I felt like God was really really close to me and had listened to my prayer so I kept praying that we would be safe.


As we slowly drove back the way we had come, my mom was looking for somewhere to stay but there weren’t any hotels nearby. She was really nervous. She kept driving back toward my grandparents’ house hoping we would make it. We prayed the whole time. There were cars stuck all along the road in the snow and ice, but our car was fine. We listened to the radio and heard that the hill to their house had just been reopened. We were really relieved.


My mom still drove slowly and carefully until we finally made it back to my grandparents’ house. We had been in the car for seven hours! I felt a lot of comfort from God on that car ride and I will never forget that feeling if I live to be 100 years old!

—Oliver M., age 9