Sometimes I feel prayers.   At those times, when someone is praying for me, my right temple becomes very warm.  This has happened both when I knew someone was praying for me and when I didn’t know.  On at least one occasion, I felt much better immediately.


I have no theories about my body’s response to prayer because it’s unpredictable.  It doesn’t happen whenever someone is praying for me, and it’s not connected to a particular person or even to my need for prayer, as far as I can tell.  And for reasons I don’t understand, it doesn’t happen nearly as often these days as it once did.


I found two examples to share from old journals.   The first example happened before I understood that the warmth was connected to prayer.


September 1993.  (I’d been going through a difficult time and quite a few people were praying for me.)  From my journal:  Yesterday, I went into the spare attorney’s office to lie down on the couch because I didn’t feel at all well.  I’ve been fighting this virus everyone seems to have. As I lay there, my right temple became very warm, like it did that other time.  I thought it must be Jesus’ touch. I didn’t know what was happening, but I fell asleep, and after the nap I felt much better than I had all day. The temporary secretary at Charlene’s desk noticed a difference in me.  After my nap, I was joking with people, and she said something to the effect that I must be a night person just waking up because she’d felt earlier like she was working in a morgue.


October, 1998.  (I was planning to look at an apartment I wanted very badly, and some of my friends knew this).  From my journal:  “Right about noon I felt my forehead on the right get very warm, and I thought that someone must be praying.  Later, I got an email from H. saying, “It’s noon, and I’m praying like mad.”


When I feel the touch of prayer, it’s like a bright, warm drop from the vast ocean of Light. 

—Sally Gillette