Query: When did your family, or a neighbor, or a teacher help you see something special about yourself or the world around you?

My substitute teacher made me feel good about my birthday.  She was really nice to us.  She gave me a birthday pencil, she complimented my necklace, and she let everybody count the apples on my shirt and have a look at them.


You and daddy made me feel good about my birthday because you’re taking me out to sushi.  You’re getting me a chocolate marshmallow cake, which makes me feel very special.


Ms. Hawes told me that in space there are eight planets and there used to be nine, but that Pluto is too small to be a planet.  If scientists hadn’t gone out there, then no one would know what’s out there, and then we would be in big trouble if we went out to space. 


My music teacher, she is the one who –not told me– but her feeling just urged my voice to go out and all over the room.

FV, age 6, as told to her mother