Query:  When has God helped you see someone differently (like a friend or a teacher or a family member)?


I have a new boy in my class this year and he sits next to me. At first I thought he was annoying and I wished he wasn’t in my class. He kept interrupting the teacher during math. If I looked over at his side of the table he would say that I was copying his work, but then he would copy my work.


One day, at lunch in the cafeteria, I was at the other end of the table from him and everybody around him was laughing because he was being funny. Then he changed seats to sit with my friends and me and started doing lots of funny stuff that made me laugh. The next week we worked together on a school project and we helped each other.  I realized he was nice and funny. I also realized that since he just moved here he probably feels a little uncomfortable and needs friends.


Now I really like him and we are friends. We have fun together and sometimes play games. I help him with his


English and he helps me with my Spanish. I’m glad that God helped me see the new boy in a different way and I am glad that I have a new friend.

—Beatrice, age 7